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Gepost door JohnCopier 
Prices of bottles, cases, boxes and wine labels go through the roof
08 April 2022 18:57
Prices of bottles, cases, boxes and wine labels go through the roof

The situation is unprecedented. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has led to a surge in energy prices that is being passed on at breakneck speed and at unrivalled levels to costs of industry supplies across-the-board. The relentless increase in the price of dry goods already hit the headlines a few months ago, due to the post-Covid rebound in global demand at the beginning of 2021, but with the arrival of spring 2022, the hike seems to have worsened. Price lists all increased at once on April 1. With such sudden variations in prices and availability, “we live from day to day”, says Philippe Cazaux, director of the Bordeaux Families co-operative group, which farms 5,000 hectares of vines, has 300 member growers and represents 10% of AOC Bordeaux. He sums up the current situation: “We are extending deadlines and increasing costs: the people organising the bottling have turned into raw material suppliers”. In fact, with bottling comes a sigh of a relief, because it means that all the different strands have been successfully brought together, which can be challenging for some bottles and labels.



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